The Roswell Swatch

Cover of The Roswell Swatch by Scott Michael Powers

When Eve Mirada’s bitter, reclusive grandfather died, he left her a mysterious swatch of foil, and his story: that it was a stolen piece of debris from the legendary Roswell UFO wreckage, and that it ruined his life. Determined to find the truth about her grandfather and the swatch, Eve joins forces with former B-list rock star Max Studebaker, now a relentless yet reckless and ridiculed UFO hunter with his own personal quest. Together, they’re out to answer the questions that haunt them. First, though, they must stay out of the grasp of a dangerous, shadowy organization known as “the silencers,” intent on hiding UFO evidence, even through murder.


Ziv slammed the knife into the swatch, stabbing the material an inch deep into the wooden tabletop. The knife tip must have gone clean through the wood and pushed the swatch down with it, as if it were poking it down, not slicing neatly through.

“Each man snuck some of this. Joe said there was boxes of it,” he said. “They didn’t know what it was. But they knew it was somethin’ damn strange. They figured no one would miss a piece here or there.”

With some effort, Ziv wriggled the knife free. The tissue floated up with the blade. Then it settled back to the wooden tabletop.

The swatch had no hole, not even an indentation where Ziv had stabbed it with the knife. Eve touched it there—slick and unscathed.

“You can’t cut it, tear it, or burn it, Eve,” Ziv said. “Whatever it is, this is what got them folks killed.”

“This,” Nan said, lifting the swatch and holding it out to Eve as if she were offering her a tissue, “is what ruined your granddad’s life. This is what he wanted you to have.”

“He said,” Ziv added, “‘Eve’ll know what to do with it.’ That’s what he said.”

Winner of a 2016 Royal Palm Literary Award. “Very exciting, very creative. Really fun to read and such interesting characters.”—Royal Palm literary awards judge.

Amazon review of The Roswell Swatch from Amazon Customer

The interesting title caught my eye….bought it for a travel book….couldn’t put it down…..there were several story lines throughout the book that kept it interesting…and some of the flashbacks brought perspective….sometimes sci fi books can get way out there….this book kept everything within the realm of believability…….can’t wait for Mr. Powers next book.

Amazon review The Roswell Swatch from Mary Jane

If the Roswell incident fascinates you like it does me, you need to read The Roswell Swatch. Scott Michael Powers, veteran newspaper journalist has written a fast paced story with all the ingredients, a strong female protagonist, a zany conspiracy partner, government bad guys, and crooked scientists. A perfect Christmas present!

Amazon review of The Roswell Swatch from Robert Cortes

Got this book in time for Christmas and immediately started reading it. I could not put it down and ended up reading it in record time. Scott does a wonderful job in putting it all together for an exciting finish. Can’t wait for the next one.

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