The Hotel Stella: a novel

Hotel Stella - skeleton in a black dress in a hotel hallway

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The Hotel Stella has all the charm of a fully restored and modernized grande dame hotel from the 1920s. It also has ghosts and ghastly secrets, including the murders of prohibition-era gangsters, and their ties to a prominent contemporary family. Hotel assistant manager Roxy Nix wants to save the hotel from corporate executives worried about the controversy. Detective Sgt. George Thanatos wants to solve the century-old crimes. Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Margolis wants to treat the ghosts. They’ll need to work together—reluctantly—to overcome the true villain wanting to cash in on Hotel Stella’s secrets.


“Stella, I presume?”

“That’s right, darling. Stella Gauner. This is my hotel. I don’t like cops in my hotel. Oh, I’ve known some cops I liked. Sure. But most of them, Nuh, uh. They’re always causing trouble when they don’t need to be. So, I have a rule. No cops. Okay? You need to leave.”

He spun again. She was not there. He backed into the corner where he could view the whole room. His heart pounded in his ears. He held the flashlight and gun against each other, but he was losing confidence in them.”

“We have an investigation to conduct.”

“Over my dead body!”

She shrieked a laugh.

He didn’t.

“Oh, come on. Laugh. That was a good one, darling. Don’t you think so? No? Oh, don’t be such a spoilsport!”

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