Scott Michael Powers as a journalist

Author and blogger Scott Michael Powers lives and writes in Orlando, Florida. He traded a long career as a political journalist to write about more reasonable topics, such as UFOs, murders, conspiracies, and ghosts, as a novelist and short story writer.

Powers was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and grew up mostly on U.S. Air Force bases all over. He attended Ohio University, where he studied journalism and creative writing. He worked as a reporter at newspapers in Texas, Ohio, and Florida, and then for an online journalism website. His beats have included politics, NASA, higher education, the environment, and tourism.

Connie and Scott

He and his wife of 30-some years, Connie, have raised three incredible children to adulthood and still are madly in love. They have a Chihuahua Cocoa who thinks she’s a cat. Powers loves reading, science, old movies from Hollywood’s golden age, baseball, rock ’n’ roll, and hats, and they sometimes crop up in his stories.

His first novel, The Roswell Swatch, published in late 2016, tells the story of UFO hunters Eve Mirada and Max Studebaker. They pursue the secrets behind a strange piece of foil purported to be stolen debris from the legendary 1947 Roswell UFO, yet are themselves pursued by shadowy figures wanting to silence them. The novel was honored in the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards.

His second novel, The Murder Plague, is now in late drafts. It tells the story of survivor Kanetha Wilson and scientist Dr. Mike Andrusek, as they race the spread of a terrifying disease to try to save a semi-dystopian world ravaged by the two great fears of 21st century America, pandemic and gun violence.

HIs third novel, The Space Coast Out of This World News & Herald-Tribune, is in early drafts. It tells the story of journalists Stevie Guthrie and Mac MacGregor as they try to unravel the secrets behind a mass-shooting and theft of nuclear materials.

His fourth novel, The Hotel Stella, is in a partially written first draft. It will be an expansion of his short story “The Thirteenth Floor”. The story follows psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Margolis, police Detective George Thanatos, and hotel assistant manager Roxy Knox as they engage the unreliable help of ghosts to solve a 100-year-old murder and save a hotel endangered by its darkest secrets. Two of his short stories have been anthologized by a literary organization known as the Alvarium Experiment, which compiles great speculative fiction from award-winning authors into themed collections. Powers’ short story “The Brazilian Millionaire’s Butler” was selected for The Masters Reimagined, an Alvarium Experiment anthology of speculative-fiction short-story updates to classic works of fiction. His short story “The Thirteenth Floor” was selected for The Light Fantastic, an Alvarium Experiment anthology of humorous speculative fiction short stories.

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