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My father always has been a font of loose invention ideas. He offers one like he wants someone to run with it. Some are simple, some elaborate, some very practical, some over the top. All would make the world better. He starts with a, “You know what the world needs?” and then concludes with a wink and a, “But no one ever listens to me.”

I’m the same with story ideas. I feel like I produce too many for little old me.

This blog presents my loose ideas for meshing speculative fiction with crime suspense thrillers angles. Some are simple, some elaborate, some very practical, some over the top. All would make the world better. If you see anything you like, run with it. If you want to discuss, expand on or dissect, leave comments. Let’s make this a give-and-take forum. Be nice.

Murder, rockets, ghosts, terrorists, nukes & beach babes
My next novel—The Space Coast Out-of-This World News & Herald-Tribune—now is far enough along for me to start promoting it.
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The tragedy of Capote’s failed revenge against ‘swans’
On the Hulu streaming network right now there are two features about Truman Capote—FEUD: Capote vs. the Swans from FX,
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‘The Murder Plague’ unleashed on the world
At a press conference that drew more than 30 people Feb. 1, I launched "The Murder Plague", unleashing my new
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Hustlers in the woods of indie publishing
I’m reminded all the time that when I changed careers late last year, going from journalist to independent novelist, I
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Is it indie bookstores versus indie authors?
The world of book publishing and book retailing is battered by many disruptive industry dynamics, leaving so many of the
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Writers reading between the lines of rejection
For a brief, shining moment in the fall of 2023, writers of the world united in revolt against the tyrannical
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On Vonnegut, a Sweathog and literacy
(This was originally published by the Florida Writers Foundation.) In a public high school in the Midwest, mid-1970s: Something I
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The Murder Plague book cover: Is she terrified or terrifying?
My new novel's publisher, Black Rose Writing, has finished designing the book cover. I'm revealing the cover this week, starting
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A ghost story inside the ghost story
A creepy report out of IFLScience tells of how producers used real human skeletons for various entertainment productions, notably Disneyland's
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The impractiality of time travel
My greater question regarding time travel does not ask whether it is possible but whether it is practical. I touch
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The religion of artificial intelligence immortality
A few years ago I got a chance to chat with the strangely brilliant Martine Rothblatt, the Florida near-billionaire who
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The Unidentified Whatevers striptease
In the past couple of years the U.S. federal government and military have been dancing a long, slow striptease regarding
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Portrait of Scott Michael Powers


Author and blogger Scott Michael Powers lives and writes in Orlando, Florida. He traded a long career as a political journalist to write about more reasonable topics, such as UFOs, murders, conspiracies, and ghosts, as a novelist and short story writer.

Amazon review of “The Thirteenth Floor” from John Hope

For those who love quirky, little ghost stories, this is a good one. The author’s dark sense of humor shines bright, with sassy dialog and entertaining twists. Highly recommended!

Amazon review of The Roswell Swatch from Amazon Customer

The interesting title caught my eye….bought it for a travel book….couldn’t put it down…..there were several story lines throughout the book that kept it interesting…and some of the flashbacks brought perspective….sometimes sci fi books can get way out there….this book kept everything within the realm of believability…….can’t wait for Mr. Powers next book.

Amazon review of “The Brazilian Millionaire’s Butler” from Kristin

An intriguing story that asks “whatever happened to…” a famous literary character. Woven around the city of Brazil, Powers tells a tale of deceit and lies, but the real story is, who’s telling the truth in the end?

Review of The Murder Plague from Christy Cooper-Burnett, author of Passport to Terror

The Murder Plague is a high stakes dystopian thriller with well developed characters and heart pounding action that will keep you turning the pages. Shocking twists and turns keep you at the edge of your seat until the end. The ‘what if’ in this book scared me in the best possible way. You will remember it long after you read the last page.”

Amazon review The Roswell Swatch from Mary Jane

If the Roswell incident fascinates you like it does me, you need to read The Roswell Swatch. Scott Michael Powers, veteran newspaper journalist has written a fast paced story with all the ingredients, a strong female protagonist, a zany conspiracy partner, government bad guys, and crooked scientists. A perfect Christmas present!

IndiesToday review of The Murder Plague

If you thought living through the Covid pandemic was like a years-long fever dream, get ready to feel that anxiety multiplied tenfold in The Murder Plague. A setting familiar to most readers and a cast of relatable characters give the dramatic novel a disturbingly intimate feel. … The Murder Plague is a chilling bloodbath that you’ll binge from the edge of your seat.”

Review of The Murder Plague from Carla D. Seyler, author of A Place Unmade

“From the very beginning, The Murder Plague conjure a world where no one is safe and even the strong may not survive. Scott Michael Powers tells a frightening and realistic story of how easily life can deteriorate with a careless act. Compelling, three-dimensional characters give substance to a world that has changed beyond recognition. I couldn’t put it down. Excellent read!”

Amazon review of “The Brazilian Millionaire’s Butler” from K Pelham

A luminous American party girl of modest means pursues her dreams, which don’t necessarily include love, with a man of much wealth and little character. Imaginative, moving, and intriguing, this tale follows the efforts of a servant to use his psychic gifts to protect her from the intrigues of her new husband. Scott Michael Powers writes with poise and polish, and gives us a gem of story.

Amazon review of “The Thirteenth Floor” from Janelle I

Quick reads are often fun when done right! This one nails it in about 20 minutes or so with some fantastic imagery … one quite poetic considering the character’s unsavory transgressions. And the ending leaves the reader to interpret its meaning in a couple of different ways.

Amazon review of The Roswell Swatch from Robert Cortes

Got this book in time for Christmas and immediately started reading it. I could not put it down and ended up reading it in record time. Scott does a wonderful job in putting it all together for an exciting finish. Can’t wait for the next one.

Review of The Murder Plague from Kenneth Pelham, author of Gumshoes, Fangs, Rockets & Spies

“Powers delivers the suspenseful goods in a much too possible tale of viral apocalypse, supported by science and research, and populated by fully realized characters. Scarcely a page goes by without a keen observation, a clever use of language, and big things to think about. I loved this book.”

Review of The Murder Plague from David Buzan, author of In The Lair of Legends

“Ripped-from-the-headlines” thriller goes straight for the jugular. This is a frighteningly believable story that elevates pandemic fears into a sweat-inducing reading experience.”